Discover Pepper’s promotional video

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Mr. and Mrs. Greene get the surprise of a lifetime when they discover a baby girl in their prized pepper patch. Pepper blossoms into a beautiful girl with fiery red hair, emerald eyes and a kind and caring spirit. Aside from her unusual introduction into the world she grows up rather ordinary, with a deep love for gardening and the outdoors. Then one evening in the garden with a simple prick of her finger Pepper realizes that she may not be so ordinary after all. It isn’t until her town his hit with a horrible drought that Pepper realizes she just might have what the townspeople need to overcome their misfortune.

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Discover Ben Wilkins’ song “The Other Side”.

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Get a look inside Journey: Book 1 of The Jane Saga Series and discover Ben Wilkins’ song “The Other Side”. Song title: The Other Side Written and Composed by Benjamin Grainger Wilkins Used with permission from Milagro Publishing Inc. Performed by Ben Wilkins Courtesy of Milagro Records Buy it on i-Tunes:...

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